RPC 2020-2021 COVID-19 POSTS

October 27, 2021
October 27, 2021 Heather

COVID – 19 RPC POSTS 2020 – 2021

Winter Video Message from Janet

New Year Video Message from Janet

April 2021 #1 Video Message from Janet

April 2021 #2 Video Message from Janet 

May 26, Zoom FAQ for Summer 2021 Operations

Important – Before You Arrive at Red Pine

YOU’RE ALMOST AT CAMP! Camper Email with Important Links


November 19, 2021

Regarding the summer 2022 camping season, and Covid Vaccination requirements:

at this point, we are anticipating that all of our staff will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID19 as part of their employment or volunteer agreement. Currently, it is unclear as to what the government and local health unit will require for campers to attend overnight camps in Ontario. We predict that campers over 12 may/will be required to be fully vaccinated to attend overnight camp. Please note as an organization that operates under the approval of both the local health unit and the provincial government, the decision for vaccination is out of our control.


July 1, 2021

An Important Email with links to camp surveys are sent out to Campers prior to arrival.

Survey – Dining Seating Arrangements

Survey – Covid Screening Questionnaire

RPC 2021 Camp Survival Guide


May 2021

Additional Questions coming from the May 26th Zoom meeting – coming soon

This document will be only the additional questions that were entered into the chat during the Zoom meeting on May 26th.  To see the full meeting and all question and answers, find the link above “May 26, Zoom FAQ for Summer 2021 Operations”.


April 2021

Camp Invoices

You will notice that there is a Covid Fee added to your bill.  This temporary fee has been added to cover the additional costs required to keep camp safe in these unique times.

For those of you who left your deposit with us last year, thank you again, it made a difference.  For this summer, your 2020 deferred deposit will be applied to the final balance of your bill.  This is standard practice with deferred payments and prevents companies from assuming the confirmation of a booking.  Deposits will still be required to confirm your 2021 booking request.  Deposit amounts for 2021 are outlined in your deposit request email.

Junior Program

We understand that JP is one moment in a parent’s Red Pine day that is just for them, however, this summer we are not going to be able to offer the Beehive or Junior Birds as a drop off program.  Instead, staff will be planning a Junior Bird parent and child program.  There will be games, activities, crafts, sports and more.  We will be running Junior Program using the Day Camp guidance from the Ontario Camps Association.  Masks will be worn by both staff and campers when gathering together at the beginning of the program, and all activities will be outdoors and social distanced.


February 16, 2021

The Cancellation Policy has been amended for clarity and to align with statements in camp communications.

Visit our Registration page and scroll to the bottom to see the amended wording.


February 9th, 2021

What is camp really going to be like in 2021???

Rest assured, campers, Janet, Christine and the Advisory Committee have been working on the answer to this question since last summer.

Along with the help of the Ontario Camps Association, Public Health agencies and a group of RPC medical professionals, new procedures are being developed, equipment purchased and routines adjusted to ensure the summer of 2021 is as safe as possible for our campers and staff.

Keep in mind that camp is still five months away and that we just don’t know exactly what this summer will bring us.  Something we know for certain however, is that we will all have to be patient and flexible.

Here are some details that we know (pretty much) for certain assuming camp an open:

  • Social distancing of 2m from anyone not in your family or family bubble will be necessary (including on the dock). It will be up to individual families / bubbles to manage physical distancing from each other in your cabin areas and when enjoying time around camp.
  • Mask wearing will be necessary inside buildings (other than your cabin/tent) or in situations where socially distancing is difficult
  • There will be lots of hand sanitizer stations throughout camp.  We are conscious that there are ‘nice’ hand sanitizers and ‘not so nice’ hand sanitizers, so we are working with a few local distilleries to source scent-free products that do not leave sticky residue.  Campers are also encouraged to bring their own products.
  • Our amazing Property Managers are building handwashing stations near the Dining Hall so campers do not need to make the trek to the washrooms to wash hands with soap and water.
  • Meals will be eaten outside (for most, if not all, campers – depending on regulations).  We have purchased two (second-hand) wedding-style tents for shelter that will be placed in the field and in the grove.  Breathable walls will be installed on two sides to protect from the elements yet allow for high air circulation.
  • Meals will be served using a cafeteria style of service.  One member of the family/bubble will get platters of food for their family while another collects a clean bin with cutlery, dishes etc.
  • There will still be a hot cereal and salad bar type set-up (again, served by staff).
  • ALL campers will need to return their dishes/bus bins to designated bussing areas.
  • Families or bubbles will be eating at their own table, socially distanced from the next.  Twenty additional picnic tables have been built (thank you Rick and Jamie) to provide us with tables more suited to our group sizes.
  • There will be some outdoor areas of camp where social distancing between non-family /bubble members will be mandatory.  This will ensure there are spaces for people with varying comfort levels.
  • We are investing in new disinfecting technology to ensure cabins are safe for campers on move-in day.  We will also regularly disinfect the washrooms, showers and common areas around camp.
  • The library in the chalet will be put in storage until further notice
  • Tournaments may look different – more singles and family/bubble pairings
  • JP will be more nature based and all outdoors programming.
  • The Beehive will not be offered and offering Junior Birds will depend on Public Health regulations.
  • Programming will be different to accommodate for Social Distancing and possible group size limits

Fear Not –

  • The Tuck shop will be open
  • We will be able to swim in Golden Lake
  • The sunsets will be gorgeous
  • The stars will be spectacular
  • The Tuck shop will still be open
  • The staff will be second to none
  • We will be there together… like we have for almost 100 years


February 1st, 2021

How Covid is affecting our returning camper requests for 2021 and 2022
Cabin allocations in 2021 will not inform the 2022 booking process.  The office will rely on the pre-Covid, confirmed spring 2020 cabin assignments to direct 2022 bookings.

In other words, if you are unable to attend camp in 2021, please do not worry. In 2022 place your booking request just like you did in 2020.

Staff and Camper Safety

We have been working on new Covid-19 procedures to keep our staff and campers healthy and safe since the fall.  Keeping our staff safe is a top priority this summer as we can’t run Red Pine without them.  Please know that our Executive Director, Camp Coordinators, Camp Nurse and Senior Staff will be well versed in the new procedures and will ensure that all Junior Staff are properly trained and adhere to all guidelines.

We know that you have questions, and we will have more specifics to share with Junior Staff Applicants before the interviews begin.  For now, here are a few changes that will be in place:

  • A maximum of 4-5 staff will share a communal sleeping space
  • All staff will be required to complete a documented self-screen every morning before leaving their cabin
  • The camp is hiring a well qualified Camp Nurse who will live on site all summer and keep a close eye on the mental and physical health of our staff
  • Many hand sanitizing stations are being set up around camp along with new handwashing stations near the Dining Hall
  • New disinfecting procedures have been developed for all areas of camp
  • Masking will be mandatory when inside all buildings (except ones own sleeping cabin) and when social distancing is not possible


January 2021

February 1st is the opening of registration for 2021 for all shareholders and returning campers!

Notwithstanding the current Covid-19 situation, we are planning for camp this summer, and we encourage you to do the same. We can understand if some of you are shaking your heads right now, having a hard time imagining yourselves at camp but remember, July first is 5 months away and a lot will change between now and then.  We are also doing everything we can to organize a summer that will be safe for all those who are able to attend Red Pine Camp, and part of that is knowing who to expect at camp this year.  For that reason, we are encouraging everyone to register for camp as you normally would. This step is an extremely important part of our planning.

As the situation in Ontario is still uncertain, we are preparing various scenarios that will enable you to come to camp this summer.  If the final operating scenario does not work for you or your family, know that you can cancel without penalty, and that your booking priority for the following summer will be based on our 2020 registrations (before camp was cancelled). Registering for camp is a low-risk way to help us plan for summer 2021.

We know how badly you all need a change of scenery and a change of pace and that our children need to be outside playing this summer.  Our goal is to make that happen some way or another.  We look forward to welcoming you all to camp this summer.