What is your HST Number?

Great question!  It is   104442264 RT0001

What should I bring to Red Pine Camp?

Great question!  Here is a suggested family camper (RPC) packing list; camper first aid kit; and a Leadership (RPLC) packing list

Can you accommodate special diets?

We ask that all campers and staff indicate any dietary/meal preferences in their registration ahead of time.  We will do our best but cannot guarantee last-minute dietary needs.

RPC provides vegetarian and vegan options at meals and there are also vegetarian protein options at the salad bar.  Our kitchen can prepare meals for campers with gluten allergies or Celiac Disease if informed in advance. We supply non-dairy milk for those with lactose intolerance and, if informed in your registration, can prepare lactose free meals.  If you have severe restrictions, or a picky eater in the family, you are welcome to bring some food to supplement the camp fare.

What does a cabin look like inside?

Our cabins are very rustic and sparse. There are wooden bunks, wood walls and a light switch. There is so much happening at camp we don’t spend much time in our cabins except to sleep.

I'd Like to Leave a Camper Comment...

Amazing!  Thank you for helping us make camp better for our campers!

Our Online Camper Comment Sheet can be found through THIS LINK

How can I rent Red Pine Camp for my special event?

Red Pine Camp is open for rentals in the month of September when we still have some good weather as our cabins are not winterized.  You may complete an online request form or review our camp rental guide. Further questions can be directed to: redpinerentals@gmail.com

When does the Summer booking request window open?

February first for Shareholders and returning campers. March first for new and campers who have taken a hiatus for a few years.

Can I request a booking for my friends and family too?

No thank you.  Please have a primary adult member from each family unit create their own family profile and booking request. This simplifies the booking procedure, streamlines camper processes and allows for online waiver approval.

How do I make a booking request?

Please log into our online registration site If this is your first visit, please create a profile for yourself, and then one for your spouse, partner and dependent family members. Then you may place a booking request in the week you wish to attend.

What types of payment do you accept?

Red Pine Camp accepts Cheque, Cash, E-transfer and Online Credit Card payments (3% fee).  When the office moves up to camp, we also have access to a debit machine.

When is my deposit and final payment due?

Deposits are only requested AFTER you have been assigned a cabin, and then are due upon receipt of the cabin allocation email. Final payments are due two weeks prior to your arrival at camp.

What if I have to cancel my booking?

Oh darn! Sometimes life happens. Please log into your booking, click cancel and write a short reason. The office will process the cancellation and refund any deposits that would be owing. Log into my booking to cancel.  Our Cancellation Policy can be found on this page.

What are my chances if I am on the waitlist?

Sometimes the waitlists move slow and sometimes they move fast. We suggest that you plan for your hopeful week as your holiday, so that if we have a cancellation at the last moment you will be available. If you make other plans, that’s OK, please cancel your name off the waitlist to move others up the queue.

How do I make a donation?

Thank you for supporting Red Pine Camp! You may log onto our registration website and create a donation pledge. Then, the payment can be sent to the Ottawa office via cheque, e-transfer or online credit card payment (3% fee). Red Pine Camp is a for profit company and can not create tax receipts for donations.

I’m a shareholder, how do I transfer my share?

As a shareholder you would complete the back side of a share certificate with the name and information of the person you are transferring the share to. You would then send in the certificate, a cover letter with any special instructions and the new shareholders address, phone, email etc. and a cheque or etransfer for the processing fee. The office will process the transfer and send out the new certificate and paperwork.  Contact the office for the current transfer fee amount.  Here is a LINK to the document How to Transfer an RPC Share,  and here is a LINK to Shareholder Information 2020.

I’m not a shareholder, how do I find a share?

Most new shareholders find someone willing to transfer their share while up at camp. Some have found connections on the camp Facebook page and others have found a share through camping friends.  Unfortunately, the office is unable to match up individuals who wish to have a share.  Here is a LINK to Shareholder Information 2020.