December 1, 2022 Heather

Registration OPEN NOW!

RPC has organized a Bronze Medallion course over the holidays – December 27-30 and January 2-6

This course is open to the public so register NOW

To Register visit register.ottawa.ca

This is a new system so you will likely have to create a new account if you have had one in the past.

Bronze Med. Course Code: 38509

The course registration is open – scroll down on the website to find current programs.

To Prepare Yourself to be hired for RPC Junior Staff you need to start now…

Applicants with Bronze Medallion, Cross and NLS

(National Lifeguard Certification)

have a better chance AND have more flexibility

City of Ottawa Registration – Click HERE

Keep your eyes open in the New Year for a possible March Break Bronze Cross Course


Can’t see the post?  View our most recent email about Bronze Medallion Course HERE.