New Year Message from Janet

January 28, 2021

Hello Campers!  Further Updates from our Executive Camp Director about camp and the coming season.

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Happy January Campers.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel the same way I normally do when a new year begins.  Normally I feel like January is a fresh start but this year, it just feels different.

When it comes to camp, however, we are moving ahead full speed.  We have hired an incredible Senior Staff team to lead us through the summer of 2021 and we are so excited to begin working with them to prepare for a great summer at Red Pine.

February 1st Junior Staff applications open; one month later than usual with the deadline being February 28th.  We look forward to connecting with the amazing young leaders in our Camp community.  All information about applying is on the website.

And, February 1st is the opening of registration for 2021 for all shareholders and returning campers!  I can understand if some of you are shaking your heads at me right now, having a hard time imagining yourselves at camp but remember, July first is 5 months away and a lot will change in Canada and around the world between now and then.  We are also doing everything we can to plan a summer that will be safe for all those who are able to attend Red Pine Camp.

For those of you who know that the summer of 2021 at Red Pine is out of the question PLEASE do not worry.  We know that everyone’s first priority right now is to stay healthy and keep themselves and their families safe.  When we can resume our “normal” summers at Red Pine we will look back to the cabin bookings made for 2020.

We also want to reassure all of our campers that we have adjusted our cancellation policy to ensure that those who are at camp are healthy and safe.  If you or anyone in your family is not well the day camp begins or in the days leading up to camp please do not come.  Your camp fees will be refunded.  No one wants to be “patient 0” and we need YOU to help us ensure that only those who are healthy come to camp.  Our updated cancellation policy is on the website if you would like more details.

As the situation in Ontario is still uncertain, we are planning various scenarios that will enable you to come to camp this summer.  What this will look like in the end, however, we can’t know.  The Ontario Camps Association is working with a team of specialists from Sick Kids in Toronto as well as Public Health to develop a comprehensive set of standards to guide us towards opening safely.  And, with these we may be able to function very close to “normal” while eating outside, wearing masks in buildings and participating in different programming.  OR, we may need to scale everything back and provide our camper families with a cabin, great meals, a guarded waterfront, a great facility full of activities to enjoy with your family and minimal programming that will be family focussed.

Regardless, we know how badly you all need a change of scenery and a change of pace and that our children need to be outside playing this summer.  Our goal is to make that happen some way or another.

For those of you who are registering we are anticipating that there will be openings at camp this summer due to regular campers who are unable to attend.  Please consider speaking to friends (and people in your family’s bubble) who might be interested in joining you at Red Pine for the first time; encouraging them to register on March first as a new camper.  We cannot guarantee that there will be space in future summers when camp returns to “normal” but what a wonderful opportunity to introduce Red Pine to others.

We look forward to watching the registrations start to fly in on February 1st and to begin feeling the sense of anticipation that always happens at this time of year.

Thank you for your continued support and please stay well.  2021 is bound to bring sunshine and warmer days, we will just have to be patient.