April Message #2 From Janet

May 6, 2021

Red Pine April Message Part 2 from Janet Cottreau.  Follow this link to the video, or read the transcript below to see the message.

April 28, 2021

I am really getting excited about being at camp this summer, however different it may be.  In this video I will delve a little deeper into the details of camp.  I will leave the Dining Hall and meals for the end as we have a great demonstration prepared.

We will begin with Junior Program.  We will be running junior program using the Day Camp guidance from the Ontario Camps Association.  Masks will be worn by both staff and campers when gathering and all activities will be outdoors and social distanced.  Our Senior Staff for JP began planning last summer and cannot wait to share the activities with our young campers.

We understand that JP is one moment in a parent’s Red Pine day that is just for them, however, this summer we are not going to be able to offer the Beehive or Junior Birds as a drop off program.  Instead, staff will be planning a Junior Bird parent and child program.  There will be games, activities, crafts, sports and more.

What about the waterfront.  How will we all fit under the shade structure for our afternoon naps and reading sessions and stay social distanced?  The simple answer is that you will not.  You will need to remain social distanced from other families/bubbles while relaxing on the dock.  We are opening all finger docks as well as the newly cleaned beach by the boat house which will help with space a little.  And we are adding a new lane swimming area to open space in A pool.

We do not encourage swimming from the non-lifeguarded areas of shoreline that Red Pine has, however, there are some great areas on shore strip and by the boat launch near cabin 40 that are quiet and nice for reading (or napping) in the shade.

Will you need to wear a mask on the dock?  Depending on how busy the dock is you may be required to wear a mask walking between sections but not while you are sitting, social distanced and while swimming.

As of right now all boats and SUP will be available for use.  We will have eco friendly disinfectant for you to use before and after you use a boat and there will be hand sanitizer at a few locations on the dock.

We encourage you to bring your own lifejackets this year.  We will have our regular supply and will do our best to sanitize them, however, on a warm and busy day they could be in short supply.

Will we be able to have tournaments?  Of course!  However, there will be some restrictions.  Doubles paddle tennis and badminton will only be parent-child or for teams from the same family/bubble.  Shuffleboard, bocci, horseshoes and ping pong players will need to maintain social distancing with opponents and non-household partners, and we will emphasize the importance of using hand sanitizer before and after using all camp equipment.  We have yet to make a final decision about card and chess tournaments as these require frequent shared touching of materials.

All books will be temporarily stored and removed from the chalet and we will not be lending board games.  Make sure you pack your favourite family games for the evenings and rainy afternoons.

You will also need to plan costume wise as our costumes will be unavailable …check the website before you come up to camp for the weeks theme.

We will be asking all camper families or groups to bring a basin and water pitcher/jug to camp this year.  I mentioned in the last video that things will be a little old-school well here is one…remember the days when you brushed your teeth and washed your face outside your cabin then dumped the water in the bushes?  Well, it is back!  We ask that the washrooms are only used for toileting and that teeth brushing, face washing etc. take place outdoors by your cabin.

Now to Meals.  We will have approximately 10 tables set-up inside the DH for those with very young families or with mobility issues, but most campers will be eating outside.

Rick and Jamie, our property managers, have built over 40 new picnic tables and these will be located under two large wedding tents we have purchased and around the DH.

On rainy days we will have two mealtimes so campers can all fit under the tents.  Otherwise you are free to eat at your cabin if you live close to the DH or to a table in the grove.

Here is a demonstration of meal and dish pick-up.

(insert video)

Please do not worry about mealtimes or any other camp details for the summer.  We are keeping a close watch for government and public health guidance and will keep you informed as we get closer to the summer.  We will also email each camper family a detailed explanation of all areas of camp prior to your arrival so you will have your own “Camp Manual”.

For now, take care of yourselves and each other and stay home.  We can get through this if we all work together.