Work at Camp

Summer Camp Coordinators

The Summer Camp Coordinators are responsible for the operation of Red Pine during the camping season. They are a highly visible and engaged presence at camp throughout the summer. The Coordinators oversee a team of 13 Senior Staff and 55 Junior Staff and guide them both in living up to the Red Pine Camp values and delivering our loyal campers a camping experience that creates a lifetime of positive memories and adheres to the Red Pine Camp mission statement and objectives.


The Summer Camp Coordinator’s formal contract period at Red Pine Camp extends from Mid-June through Labour Day weekend with a six day break before Labour Day weekend. The remuneration for the position includes a certain number of days for meetings with the Red Pine Camp Operating Committee, participating in hiring of Senior and Junior Staff and review of Staff Manuals in advance of the summer season.

Summer Camp Nurse

The Summer Camp Nurse is a new position at Red Pine Camp.  The Camp Nurse is responsible for the care of our staff and campers during the summer.  They also provide staff training, support and oversee the administration of medications and organize paperwork and maintain health files appropriately.

The nurse should have a background working with teenagers as a large part of the role is responsibility for the physical and mental health and wellness of our staff.  The nurse would also adhere to the Red Pine Camp mission statement and objectives.  Further job description details may be found through the below link.

The Summer Camp Nurse’s formal contract period at Red Pine Camp extends from Mid-June through Labour Day weekend with a break before Labour Day weekend.

Senior Staff

Red Pine hires 13 Senior Staff aged 19 or over who possess; a strong personality, character, stability and warmth to help oversee operations, model Red Pine values and act as supervisors, mentors and role models to a our junior staff of 55 teenagers, aged 16 and 17. Members of the Senior Staff report directly to the Camp Coordinators and oversee the leadership of Junior Staff, delivery of camp programs, and camp operations related to their specific departments.

Senior Staff jobs and job descriptions are available at the links below. Apply by sending your resume along with a cover letter via the section on the right. We also require two (2) written references. Applications will be accepted until mid December.

Junior Staff

Each summer Red Pine Camp (RPC) employs fifty-five (55) Junior Staff aged 16 and 17 to work in the various departments around Camp. We look for people who demonstrate strong leadership, have a positive outlook, maturity, enthusiasm and respect. As a member of Junior Staff you are responsible for the delivery of camp programs, services and operations.  Customer service must be center in all that you do, ensuring that campers have a great experience at camp.

Online applications can be completed in advance. However, PDF versions of a current Cover Letter, Resume and two (2) Reference Forms are to be received on or before January 31 at the Ottawa office to complete your application package.  It is good to include a “selfie” with your application so the interviewers know who you are when you arrive for your interview.

Apply Now

Leadership Camp Staff

RPLC is a one week leadership camp for teens entering grades 7-11 and takes place the last week of the summer before Labour Day weekend. We are looking for staff who have been involved in leadership experiences in their school and/or community organizations. This could include, but is not limited to student leadership, student council, athletic council, sports teams, school clubs and organizations, youth group, Guiding or Scouts organizations, camp, LIT or CIT programs, 4H etc. Staff must be aged 17+ at the start of camp.

To apply please complete the appropriate Staff Application form and follow the instructions provided. All applicants are required to submit two letters of reference.

Private Rental Staff

Red Pine Camp Private Rental staff work during the month of September. Full time and part-time/weekend only positions are available. Depending on the role, private rental staff work in various ways to ensure our guests have a wonderful and safe experience while staying at Red Pine Camp including running the Dining Hall and dishwashing.


To apply please submit a resume and cover letter through the “Work at Camp” form.

Volunteer at Camp

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering!!

Generations of Red Pine campers have benefited from the hard work and ideas of countless volunteers. Now, more than ever, we are in need of volunteers. An aging property, expanded service lines and changes in regulatory requirements have resulted in a lengthy list of projects, large and small.


How can you help?


Get involved! Review the current volunteer opportunities which include information on duties and skill requirements. If interested, contact information is provided. Mark your calendars! Plan on participating in RPC’s work weekends. For campers new and old, work weekends involve some elbow grease, but also offer a great opportunity to renew or make new acquaintances.

To volunteer or ask us questions, contact us via the Work at Camp form or email for more information.