Junior Staff

Each summer Red Pine Camp (RPC) employs fifty-five (55) Junior Staff aged 16 and 17 to work in the various departments around Camp. We look for people who demonstrate maturity, enthusiasm, character and warmth. As a member of Junior Staff you work to help keep your department running smoothly, to make sure that campers are having a great experience at RPC, and you act as a role model for future staff many of whom are in the RPC Leadership in Training (LIT) program. 

Red Pine is committed to creating an inclusive environment that accommodates all individuals, including those with disabilities. We support the goals of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Acts (AODA) and have established policies, procedures and practices which adhere to the accessibility standards set out in the AODA. Should you require any accommodation throughout the application process please do not hesitate contacting the camp office.

Regardless of which department you would like to work in all Junior Staff must have these baseline qualifications in addition to role-specific mandatory requirements:

  • A current Standard First Aid certificate
  • Current CPR C certificate

There are some important points you should know and these apply to all Junior Staff.  

They are:

  • On July 1, of this year you must be either 16 or 17.  
  • You work six (6) days per week, and approximately 40 hours per week
  • You are provided all meals (3 per day plus Staff snack) and living quarters 
  • Junior Staff live in staff cabins with 10-12 people per cabin
  • You are expected to follow all Camp protocols, rules, regulations, curfews, and the decisions of the Camp Directors and Senior Staff. The Camp Directors and the Senior Staff are responsible to enforce camp rules and guidelines, and they have various discipline measures available to them up to and including dismissal of staff.
  • Junior Staff must be available for pre-camp training and orientation starting at the end of June, 2019. Accommodations to leave pre-camp to write exams will be made as needed.
  • Junior Staff leave RPC for 6 days after the last full Camp week in August (week 8).  During this week, accommodations are not provided by RPC and activities are not supervised by RPC.
  • Junior Staff must report back to RPC to work for the Labour Day weekend on the Friday.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is strictly forbidden for all members of our staff.
  • Illegal drugs and underage consumption of alcohol is forbidden.  
  • Junior staff are not allowed to have cell phones or devices that can access the Internet at camp.  Please leave these at home.

There are some important dates you need to know about:

  • On July 1, of this year you must be either 16 or 17.  
  • Junior Staff online applications and a current Cover Letter, Resume, 2 References  must be received on or before January 31 at the Ottawa office.
  • It is good to include a Selfie with your application so the interviewers know who you are.
  • There will be an information session for Parents & Applicants held in Ottawa on DATE CHANGE: Tuesday February 19, 2019 location at All Saints Anglican Church, Westboro –  at 7:30pm.     
  • Interviews are held in Ottawa, Toronto and via conference call for those who are out of town.

Ottawa:    February 22, 23 (24) 2019
Toronto:  February 23 & 24 2019

  • Interviews for applicants living further from these locations will have a Skype or phone interview during the same time frame.


Twelve (12) Lifeguards are required on Waterfront and will be under the supervision of the three Waterfront Seniors. The lifeguards provide supervision and safety for all waterfront activities at Camp.

Mandatory Requirements – As Lifeguards are required to respond to First Aid situations in the immediate vicinity of Camp, the waterfront and in open water on Golden Lake, all Waterfront staff must have the following qualifications completed no later than April 30, 2019

  • Lifesaving Society’s National Lifeguard Certificate (NLS)
  • The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)   

Information about the PCOC, including finding an accredited online course provider, can be found through THIS LINK.


Recommended Certifications – Lifeguards also teach advanced swimming courses in the Junior Swim program each morning.  So it’s recommended that you take either both of these Red Cross courses or both of these Lifesaving Society courses:

  • Red Cross Assistant Water Safety Instructor (WSI) or the Lifesaving Society Assistant Instructor
  • Red Cross WSI or Lifesaving Society Lifesaving Instructor

The availability of the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society courses varies depending on where you live and both are acceptable. 

Dining Hall 

Seventeen (17) Wait Staff are required to work in the dining hall to set tables, to serve meals, to talk with campers and get to know them, sometimes to deal with camper concerns, to clean-up afterwards and to keep the dining hall clean and organized at all times.  When you are on Wait Staff, you also teach swimming lessons each morning in the Junior Program.

Mandatory Requirements:  A valid Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion certificate completed no later than April 30, 2019.

Recommended Certifications:  Red Cross Assistant Water Safety Instructor (AWSI) or the Lifesaving Society Assistant Instructor.  Availability of the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society courses varies depending on where you live and either is acceptable.   

The Bronze Medallion and AWSI courses are valid for two (2) years after completion.

Slop (Dishwashing)

Seven (7) dish washers (we call them Sloppers) are needed.  Under the supervision of the Dining Hall Senior Staff the Sloppers ensure that every dish, pot, knife, fork and spoon are clean, that all health and safety standards are rigorously applied in the dish washing area and that proper cleaning procedures and practices are in place.  If you like working as part of a close team and prefer your music a little bit loud, this could be for you.

Junior Program (JP) 

Eleven (11) JP Staff are required to plan, organize and supervise morning JP that involves as many as 150 children each day.  JP Staff plan weekly themes, they run special events and they work with the children on skits for the Camper Show.  On JP Staff you will implement one of the following programs for five (5) days each week: crafts, outdoor education activities, sports clinics or music / dance / drama groups.  JP Staff also organize and present a weekly Folklore Night, they have a weekly shift in the Tuck Shop and they set tables at lunch.

if you work in JP you have to always remember that all aspects of your role including your work in Tuck and in the Dining Hall are equally important and are part of how you will be evaluated.

Recommended Experience: Experience working with children

Some “Nice to Have” Stuff: Customer service and cash experience, and/or experience with the low ropes course.  

Tuck Shop 

Three (3) Tuck Staff are required in the Tuck Shop to serve campers, to get to know their names and their favorite kind of ice cream, to stock shelves, to ensure that everything is displayed properly, to maintain the storage spaces, to keep Tuck absolutely spotless all the time and to really get to know the children.  The Tuck Shop is an important part of camp life and, in fact, you are helping to run an important business.   As a Tuck Staffer you need to be organized, professional, friendly and efficient.  And if that isn’t enough fun for you, Tuck Shop staff work in the Junior Program department on a rotating basis.

If you’re a Tuck Junior you have to remember that your work effort in JP is just as important and is part of how you will be evaluated over the course of the summer.

Some “Nice to Have” Experience: Customer service, retail work, and cash handling   


Five (5) Property Staff (they actually preferred to be called ‘Prop’) are hired each summer.  The first job of Prop is to keep RPC clean and safe.  Sure, Prop gets to build things, use power tools, whack weeds, repair broken bits and pieces, paint things, ride around in the four-wheeler with buckets of compost and do interesting projects, but cleaning and safety is the primary role of Prop.  And Prop has to make sure that all workshop health and safety regulations are met, all the time.

Recommended Experience:  Customer service, cleaning, maintenance, landscaping/yard-work, working knowledge of hand tools as well as power tools, building procedures.


Three Junior Staff members are selected from other departments, to work in the “Parent with Child” craft sessions  five afternoons a week.  They are responsible for preparing supplies, collecting money for each transaction, and showing parents and children how to make each project. In some cases the Junior participates directly in making the craft e.g.button/badge making.

Recommended Experience: Enthusiasm for making leather or general crafts; learning new techniques; and working with parents accompanied by their children. If you are interested, please indicate that on your application.


Ready to apply?

Read this carefully before clicking on the application link.

The online application is here –  RPC Jr Staff Application.  There are some instructions on the application and the steps are easy to follow.  In the application we want you to rank your department choices from 1 (first choice!), down to 6 (well … ok).  We can’t promise you anything other than that we promise to take it seriously.   Red Pine Camp means a lot to us, and we know it means a lot to you.

A PDF copy of your cover letter, resume, selfie pic, and references. should be emailed to redpine@redpinecamp.org.  You should receive a confirmation that it arrived by the next business day that your resume arrived.  If you did not, please call the office 613-828-0700.

To help you with your application and interview we’ve prepared an information   sheet – Get Ready for the Job Interview at Red Pine.  Take the time, have a look.

And one last thing – you’re applying for a job. You may have been coming to RPC for a long time, but the difference between being a camper and a staffer is a big one.  As a staffer you will be given a lot of responsibility and a lot will be expected of you.  You have to work hard, always show everyone that you live up to the RPC values and focus on the campers.  It’s a lot of work, and a huge amount of fun.

The closing date for receiving Junior Staff applications is January 31, 2019. If you have questions, call the RPC Office at 613-828-0700 or email Christine at redpine@redpinecamp.org.

We look forward to meeting you at your interview.

Here’s to dear old Golden Lake!