Task Teams

Volunteer Roles 

An Operating Committee member will be ultimately responsible for the completion of tasks in his/her area of responsibility. He/she will recruit a task team leader and task team members from the list of volunteers, establish a budget and complete a template that provides guidance on the task at hand.  He/she will obtain final approval from the Committee to proceed once options have been evaluated and a best case solution identified.  He/she will gain approval of the budget and approve and monitor team expenses.  The Task Team Leader will communicate directly with their Committee Member for supplies, budget and other team needs.

The Task Team Leader will lead a group of volunteers to:  understand the task and research possible solutions; develop a budget; liaise with Committee Member to gain approval; communicate with property managers, as needed; and coordinate the work of experts and volunteers and complete the required task.

Task Team Members will assist with the research and planning of the task, as needed, visit the site and implement the work plan.

The Property Managers, Rick and Tom, will assist the Task Team to order materials and coordinate other approvals (eg. Fire Marshall), as needed and assist with the work.

The Business Manager, Christine, will support the work of the task team, as directed by the Committee Member.