Thank you for your interest in Volunteering!!

Generations of Red Pine campers have benefited from the hard work and ideas of countless volunteers. Now, more than ever, the RPC Operating Committee (OC), is in need of volunteers.  An aging property, expanded service lines and changes in regulatory requirements have resulted in a lengthy list of projects, large and small.

How can you help?

  • Get involved! Review the current volunteer opportunities  which include information on duties and skill requirements.  If interested, contact information is provided.
  • Mark your calendars!  Plan on participating in RPC’s two work weekends.  For campers new and old, work weekends involve some elbow grease, but also offer a great opportunity to renew or make new acquaintances.

Complete the Volunteer Skills Inventory Questionnaire!  The OC requires the assistance of volunteers to take on smaller tasks, or projects requiring specific skill sets.  This on-line form will help the OC to link with campers who have identified an interest and skills which apply to jobs at hand.  Stay tuned for this questionnaire.

Questions?  Contact  rpcvolunteer@gmail.com