The RPC Story

The Red Pine Camp Story

Red Pine Camp has been in operation for nearly a century, providing a family getaway from the city life. Located on Golden Lake, Ontario, nestled in a large grove of Red Pine trees, Red Pine Camp is Canada’s largest shareholder-owned, family camp hosting more than 2,100 campers every summer. Campers are a range of ages, some families boasting 4 generations in attendance.

Established in 1925, Red Pine was owned by the YMCA and offered camping to families in August, after its July boy’s camp “On-Da-Da-Waks”. In 1928 the campers took over the management of the family camp programming from the YMCA, and began the successful camp we enjoy today.

In 1973, the family campers organized themselves to offer shares to campers in order to purchase the camp property from the Y with the sale of 536 shares. To raise further funds, a second share offering occurred in 1981.

Two books have been written about Red Pine Camp. The first, “Keep Your Forks. Fifty Years at Red Pine Camp.” by Col. G.W.L. Nicholson a lighthearted look at camping in the early days. The title is a nod to what the waitstaff would say at the end of a meal if pie was the dessert, and it means to Red Pine campers “the best is yet to come”. The second book was written by Gordon Campbell, “Here’s to Dear Old Golden Lake. The origins of Red Pine Camp Incorporated.” This book is a detailed look at the history of the camp and the people who were a large part of its creation.

Red Pine Values

The Red Pine Camp community is a vibrant and lively group who strives to maintain those core values and mission that the founders based the creation of the family camp those many years ago. This maintenance of values helps create a special family experience for all who enjoy her majestic pines and golden waters.

The Mission of Red Pine Camp is to provide affordable family camping based on the following values: Family Life; Child/Youth Development; Participation; Volunteerism; Environmental Protection; Intergenerational Recreation and Christian Principles.


Fun Facts

Over 2100 campers enjoy time under the pines each summer.

Even though the dining hall has a table #40, there are only 36 numbered tables in the dining hall.

Red Pine Camp has 95 cabin units with a total of 380 beds.

Golden Lake Property Owners have an annual “Smelt Fry” each spring and anyone is welcome to come and enjoy the catch from the lake.

While our sign says “Family Camping Since 1925”;
Red Pine Family Camp was not profitable until 1928.
Happily we are fully subscribed every summer now, and host
over 2100 campers each summer.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Red Pine Camp 5 Year Plan

The current five-year corporate plan spans 2016 – 2020. Adopted by the Board of Directors in March of 2016, there were 9 main focus areas identified within camp. The primary focus was repairing and replacing the aging infrastructure of Camp to last another 100 years. To that end, the 100 for 100 program was developed, whereby campers can donate $100 a year (or more), reaching $800 at the Centenary Year (2025). Each $800 donation will receive a personalized plaque on a special donation board. Large memorial donations are also welcome to be added to this program.

If you are interested in joining the 100 for 100 program, contact the office for details.

Red Pine Camp 2025 Plans

Plans for the 100th anniversary celebration are just beginning. Please stay tuned for more details as they are unveiled. Want to volunteer to help? Or, do you have an amazing idea for the team? Contact the office to add your name or great idea to the list.