Week 6 – Hippie Days

Hippie Days

Week 6 Campers – Get your Hippie on for Hippie Days are Happy Daze at Red Pine.    Hippies to Hipsters, Millennials and Post Millennials  and everyone in between, Week 6 is the time to let your inner Hippie show.   Pack the Volkswagon van with your favourite bellbottoms and tie-dye, dig out those Lennon glasses, put a flower in your hair (if you still have any), and brush up on your Hippie and 60’s trivia.   There will be a little something for everyone from the original Hippies (you know who you are) to the modern Hipster with their neatly trimmed beards, as well as the younger millennial & post millennial new-age Hippie…..who have more in common with their hippie parents and grandparents than you might think.  So bring along your peace-loving, tree-hugging, bare-footing, folk-singing, inner hippie and help make it a Happy Hippie Week 6.

Early in the week (hopefully Sunday afternoon) we’re gonna have a tie-dye for hippies young and old so please bring a white or light-colored T-shirt to get us all in the hippie state of mind.  Hippie Family Square Dance on Tuesday. Other details to follow.