Week 5 –

Hi week fivers, 


Just wanted to wish you all a great summer so far and let you know that we’re looking forward to seeing all of you at RPC in a couple of weeks. No need to bring anything special this year, just the usual stuff.


As you may have heard, the theme this year is “Mysteries of Red Pine Camp”. Apparently, there have been some sightings of a large, furry, creature, making it’s way around camp. Some say it’s an escaped gorilla from the Toronto Zoo, others think it’s a big bear, we think it might be a feral Mark Hatfield. From what we know, it’s friendly, likes kids, and is mostly vegan, other than a weakness for tuck shop food. We’re hoping to figure out just what this mystery creature is before the end of week 5. Hope you’ll help us crack the case!


See you all soon!


Andrew and Doug, your family programmers for summer 2018