Week 2 – Magical World of Disney

Week 2 – Disney!

Pack the car and let’s all take a Summer Vacation to Disney World – Red Pine Camp Style!!!!

Each day you will have a different Family as your Disney Host and they will be creating some amazing magic all week long.

The Davies Family, The Gallaway Family, The Benoit Family, The Shaw Family, The Sunderland Family and The Sinclair Family!!!

Some of the featured attractions you will see over the week are: Star Wars, Lion King, Finding Dory and Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean and of course some Princesses.

Regatta is going to be huge with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme and make sure to bring your Pirate costume for buffet.

The Finding Dory fishing Derby is going to be magical…..

Dancing with the Staff is on Wednesday so be ready to see that amazing show!!!  Start thinking if you would like to do a dance and volunteer!!!

Bring all your favourite Disney costumes, Princess Dresses, Brides Maid and or Wedding dresses for a princess parade!!!!

Bring your Disney stuffed animals to show off….

Friday will be a Masquerade Ball,  bring your masks or make one at the penny carnival and dress to impress.

Red Pine is getting ready for you to Be Our Guest for the best week 2 – Ever!

If you have any questions please email me at mikesinclair@rogers.com and we will need lots of volunteers.