Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be updated as questions arise. Thanks for helping us create it!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Please find our Red Pine Camp cancellation policy on our website, at the bottom of the page, through this link: RPC Cancellation policy.

A: Please find our Red Pine Leadership cancellation policy on our website, midway down the page, through this link: RPLC Cancellation Policy.

Q: Do you provide a vegetarian meal option?

A: While we are unable to satisfy personal diet preferences, we can make accommodations for some dietary restrictions that are medically necessary. Our kitchen can prepare meals for campers with gluten allergies or Celiac Disease. We can also supply Lactaid and soya milk for those with lactose intolerance but we cannot prepare lactose free meals. And while we cannot provide vegetarian meals, our menu does include vegetarian choices at every meal including the salad bar.

Q: When will my registration request get processed?

A: Registration requests will be processed in the order in which they are submitted within each request time frame – i.e., RPC shareholders get the first opportunity – they can enter their requests during the month of February. Returning campers may enter their requests at the same time but their requests will not be processed until:

1) all RPC shareholder submissions have been completed and
2) after the month of February.
3) New Campers can start entering their booking requests as of March 1st at noon, but their requests will not be processed until all of the Shareholders and Returning campers’ requests have been processed.

Please see Registration Request Procedures for more details.

Q: What happens after I submit my registration request?

A: The RPC Business Manager will review your request to confirm the availability within the session you have requested and finalize the pricing for your visit. Assuming everything is OK, you will be sent an email informing you of the final amount due and the required deposit. If there are any problems or questions with your request, you will be contacted directly by the RPC Administrator. Your registration request will be confirmed once your deposit has been received and you have returned your signed waiver forms.

Q: What does the status of my registration request mean?

When you initially submit your request, you will see that the status of your request is ‘Pending’. The status of your request may be updated periodically – e.g.,

• to ‘Received’ when you have submitted your request but it has not yet been reviewed by the RPC Business Manager
• to ‘Processing’ when it is being reviewed by the RPC Business Manager
• to ‘Modified’ if you make changes to the submission
• to ‘Waiting Payment’ once the deposit email has been sent; means waiting for WAIVERS and DEPOSIT
• to ‘Confirmed’ once your deposit AND signed Waivers have been received
• to ‘Complete’ when full payment and waivers have been received
• to ‘Waiting List’ if the session/cabin you requested are not available
• to ‘Cancelling’ if you click ‘Cancel Booking’ button on the request’s page.
• to ‘Cancelled’ once your cancellation request has been reviewed and confirmed.
• to ‘Expired’ if we were unable to fulfill your request (e.g., bookings on the `Waiting List` expire at the end of the camp season).

Q: Can I edit my registration request after it has been submitted?

A: Yes. You are able to go back and edit your request (e.g., change the session/cabin, edit comments, add/remove family members and guests, etc.) until your request has been confirmed (i.e., you’ve been assigned a cabin during a specific week). Once the week and cabin have been assigned, you cannot change them but you can still modify who is coming during that session. If the RPC Business Manager s in the process of reviewing your request or is waiting for your deposit (i.e., the status is ‘Processing’ or ‘Waiting’), the status of your request will be changed to ‘Modified’ to let the Admin know that you made some changes. This may necessitate an updated deposit. It is best to call the camp office if you need to make changes to your reservation.

Q: Can I delete a registration request once it has been submitted?

A: Yes. Open the registration request in question and then click ‘Cancel Booking’ button at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: Cancelled bookings will remain in your list of bookings until they are deleted by the RPC Administrator. A user cannot reactivate a booking once it has been cancelled (however, the RPC Business Manager can).  Cancellation fees may be applied to cancelled bookings!

Q: Why does my registration request show “Waiting Payment” when I have sent in my cheque already?

A: “Waiting Payment” will show for 2 reasons- 1) your cheque has not been processed yet or 2) the office is still waiting for your waivers from everyone in your cabin.

Q: Why didn’t I receive an email acknowledgement of my reservation?

A: It is possible the acknowledgement was sent to your spam or junk folder.  Please add to your online address book to prevent this from happening.

A: The Business Manager is busy processing applications as they arrive in their priority time frame: Shareholders, Returning Campers and then New Campers.  Please feel free to log into your account and check the status of your request at any time.  Your request may take 4-6 weeks or longer depending on the number of registration requests to be processed.

Q: Why I am receiving multiple email acknowledgements?

There could be a few reasons this is happening:

  1. If we need to modify your request at the camp office you may receive an acknowledgement of the change.
  2. We will need to modify your request if  another camper is added to your registration profile.
  3. We may modify registrations for volunteers, committee members and medical staff.
  4. If you decide to come for an additional week of camp, you will receive a new acknowledgement for each registration request.

If you have paid your applicable deposits and submitted any requested forms (Waivers) or information, there is nothing further for you to do.

Q: Should I register my child, who might be Junior Staff this summer?

A: You can add your child as an attending camper now.  The office manager will make any necessary adjustments to your registration request should your child be selected as a Junior Staff member.

Q: My family is not camping this year.  I’d like to stay with my sister / brother/ uncle/ parents etc. can they include me in their reservation?

A: No Thank You.  We’d prefer you setup your own online account and make your own reservation and they can then add you to their reservation.  This way when your family comes with you to camp next year your account is already set up.