Registration Request Procedures

Red Pine Camp Inc. is a family camp, which was purchased from the YMCA in 1973 by a group of campers through the purchase of shares. The purchase of a share or shares carried no monetary value; its only benefit is that shareholders would have priority registration requests each year for the period of time they wished to come to camp.

Shareholder Booking:

Shareholders can place priority registration requests during the month of February.

Non-Shareholder/Returning Camper Registration Requests:

Non-shareholder/returning campers will have the same period of time as shareholders in which to submit their registration request, beginning February 1st. Confirmation of returning camper requests will not occur until after the specified shareholder request period is over, and shareholder bookings are settled.  Campers who have attended Red Pine in the past two summers, should submit a request as returning campers.  If you attended Red Pine more than two summers ago please submit your request during the new camper time frame.

Shareholders and  returning campers are encouraged to request using our online registration system.  For campers who are not internet connected, registration requests will also be accepted by mail or phone within the proper request period.

New Campers:

New campers (or campers returning after a hiatus) wishing to submit a booking request to camp may submit their request online beginning noon, March 1st.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 613-828-0700.

Confirmation of Registration Request:

We ask that campers place registration requests online at the link below during the appropriate time frame, you will then receive an email stating that your registration request was received.  If you do not receive an email: Check your junk mail folder; log back in to your booking request and ensure your email is correct; and finally look at the status of your booking request.

Request for Payment Email will be sent after your cabin has been assigned to you.  Generally a month after you place your request.  Your deposit is required to reach the camp office immediately following the receipt of the request for payment email.  You may cancel your registration request online at any time – cancellation policy.

A waiver is required for each camper family and is approved through your online booking request. Waivers are a requirement for insurance as well as a requirement of accreditation to the Ontario Camps Association.  All campers registered under a booking who are immediate family will be covered by the online registration waiver.  Every other camper not immediately related to the registering camper MUST complete, or have a legal guardian complete, a separate form.  The Camp waiver form will be found as the last step within the online booking system and can also be found through the following link:

2019 Season Camp Booking WAIVER

Bookings will be accepted for the 2019 season on the below dates: