Camp Rules & Guidelines

Red Pine Camp is a family camp and 60% of the campers are children. Red Pine Campers value the safety and security of the camp’s environment and the clear demonstration of respect for others. Given the close proximity of cabin accommodation and the exposure of the camp to certain risks, it is necessary to set some rules of conduct for everyone. Campers who are unwilling to adhere to these rules may be asked to leave the camp without a refund. The Business Manager, Operating Committee and Camp Coordinator(s) are empowered with the responsibility for enforcing these rules.

Please follow rules of good sportsmanship at all Red Pine sports events and remember our main objective is camper participation and enjoyment where “Red Pine Rules” are the great equalizer. Please ensure that sports equipment is kept in good condition for other campers, including putting it away after use.

Telephone services are provided by Bell Canada from a phone booth that takes calling cards only.  While there is cell phone reception at camp, campers are expected to only use them on silence mode in the privacy of their own cabin or in the Parking Lot. Internet access is not provided at camp.

Automobiles are not permitted in cabin areas other than for loading and unloading.

Basic electrical wiring cannot accommodate electric heaters or other appliances that need a lot of power to operate.

Minors at Camp

All campers under the age of 19 must be supervised in camp by an adult.

Junior staff are prohibited by employment contract from consuming alcohol or illegal drugs while at camp. Campers are requested to ensure junior staff are not compromised in this requirement.

Campers are not permitted in junior staff cabins and junior staff are not permitted in non- family camper cabins.


The camp does not have a permit for the use of alcoholic beverages. Discretion and consideration for others are the main tenets of Red Pine’s policy on alcohol. Adult campers are not prohibited from consuming alcohol provided they use maximum discretion and consume it only in their immediate cabin area and at all times avoid disturbing or offending friends and neighbours. Under no circumstances are Junior Staff allowed to consume alcohol.

Noise Curfew

Between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. a noise curfew is in effect. At other times of the day (especially after 9:00 p.m. in the grove), excessive noise should be avoided in consideration to other families. Please take special care to minimize noise within your cabin area during sleeping hours and to consider other campers, when using radios and musical instruments, at all times.

Fire Safety

Probably the largest single threat to Red Pine Camp is fire. All campers are to exercise extreme caution in the use of citronella candles and in personal smoking. Candles and smoking are not permitted in any buildings or enclosed spaces (with a roof overhead).  Smoking is only permitted in a designated area in the main parking and away from camper cabins. All  butts are to be fully extinguished and deposited in safe containers. Fires are to be set only in the designated council rings and chalet, and are to be completely extinguished upon completion. Buckets of water are to be present at all fires as a safety measure and to extinguish the fire when completed. All council rings are to be left clean and tidy after use.


As indicated above, smoking (including vaping) is only permitted by adult campers in a designated area in the main parking lot and away from all camper cabins. All butts must be safely extinguished and disposed of in designated containers.

Waterfront Safety

Waterfront safety is a concern of all campers. You are requested to follow all rules established by the waterfront staff. Specifically:

  • Children under age 12 and without a red lanyard swimming qualification must be accompanied by an adult at the waterfront.
  • All campers using camp boats must follow directions of the staff.
  • All campers are only permitted at the waterfront when it is OPEN — the gate at the top of the stairs is open and the swimming zones are fully staffed by lifeguards.
  • Camper-owned boats must be registered by completing a waiver form available from the waterfront director. Motor boats should leave and enter the dock area under minimum power. The camp assumes no responsibility for camper owned boats.
  • Camper ski boats and personal watercraft are requested to operate well away from the camp docks and from sailing,canoeing and windsurfing activities.
  • Fishing is encouraged as a family activity where everyone follows a catch-and-release policy. The caterer will not prepare fish dinners for campers. Campers are reminded of their responsibility to obtain an Ontario Fishing License.

Use of Dining Tents and Tarps at Red Pine Camp

The use of dining tents and tarpaulins has increased considerably over the last number of years. This use has been an attempt by campers to enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors, especially when the weather is rainy and when insects, particularly mosquitoes, make sitting outdoors very difficult.

This use of dining tents and tarps is an acceptable practice at Red Pine Camp provided such use is consistent with established camp policies and doesn’t interfere with normal camp life. The following specific guidelines will ensure this consistency and non-interference.

  1. Dining tents shall not exceed 12’ in length or width.
  2. Tarps shall not exceed 20’ in length or width.
  3. Tents and tarps may be erected only where they do not obstruct pathways or communal spaces.
  4. Tarps may not be set up so as to connect cabins.
  5. No guy wires may be used such that they constitute a risk to campers walking nearby, especially at night.
  6. No electric power may be used in tents or under tarps (i.e. no electric lights, appliances, televisions, heaters, bug traps, etc.).
  7. Users of tents and tarps must adhere to camp policies relating to fire, noise and the personal use of technology (see pages 12 to 14 in Red Pine Camp general Information & Operational Policies, June 2006).

Use of Technology in Camp

Red Pine Camp represents a vacation that is an escape from city life for all campers and is based on the following unique set of values:

  1. Family, friends and community life
  2. Communication and interaction between campers of all ages
  3. Rest, relaxation and a renewed connection with nature and spiritual life.
  4. A timeless simplified lifestyle
  5. Respect for other campers

Red Pine has always supported these values by creating a vacation experience where the intrusion of sound systems, television and telephones has been minimized.

Portable digital technology and the future expansion of the cell phone and wireless internet networks into the Red Pine Camp area will pose new challenges to the traditional camp experience over the next few years.

Red Pine Camp wishes to protect the unique vacation experience it offers from the impact of these digital devices on our shared camp experience. The following guidelines and policies will apply to digital technology, which includes:

  1. Cell Phones
  2. Personal Digital Assistants – PDA (Blackberry, Treo etc.)
  3. Laptop computers with Internet Access and DVD
  4. DVD Players
  5. MP3 and IPod devices

Campers are encouraged to follow these guidelines to help preserve the Red Pine camping experience. The basic principle is to keep this technology out of the sight and hearing of fellow campers.

    1. Digital technology for personal use is banned from all communal camp buildings.

(dining hall, recreation hall, hearth house, etc.) and all communal spaces in camp (waterfront, grove area, council rings, playing fields, nature walks, etc.).

  1. Digital technology is permitted in and around camper cabins provided that it is used with discretion so as not to interfere with the vacation experience of fellow campers (e.g. in silent mode, or with earphones, etc.). Cell phone usage in attached cabins is discouraged.
  2. Campers are encouraged to use cell phones in the main and shore strip parking lots, preferably in the comfort of their cars.

Approved by Board of Directors  January 2008


Drones Prohibited at Camp

In keeping with the requirements of our insurance policy, Red Pine Camp prohibits the use of quad-copter and other remote operated flying vehicles, including drones, over or from camp property by staff or by campers.

Approved by Board of Directors May 2016


Required to be completed by all campers – Waivers

Effective January 2012 there is a requirement of a signed waiver for each camper. This is a requirement for insurance as well as the Ontario Camps Association and has become necessary in a wide variety of organizations (including schools, churches, sports clubs, camps and community organizations).  Each adult camper (18 years and older) is required to complete and sign a waiver while children and minors (less than 18 years) can be included on one form which must be signed by each responsible parent. Confirmation of registration for campers will not be processed until a signed waiver has been returned to the RPC Office.