Red Pine’s program and facilities are yours to enjoy to your own taste and at your own pace. Best of all everthing is all included!

All of the programs are organized for the campers and their success is largely dependent on the participation and enthusiasm of campers. If you have any talents, musical instruments or program suggestions, please bring them along and let the program staff know. The program opportunities available are without equal. There is an activity to meet virtually every taste.

A supervised program is conducted for the children in camp. This occurs during the mornings allowing the parents the freedom to pursue their own interests and activities.  JUNIOR PROGRAM

There is a wide variety of adult crafts including leather work and an appropriate selection for juniors as well. Instructions for crafts are free; you pay only for the materials you use.  CRAFT PROGRAM

Waterfront activities include water games, swimming, swimming instructions, waterskiing, canoeing, sailing and sailboarding. Instruction is provided in some activities.

Land sports’ facilities include softball, volleyball, basketball, paddle tennis, table tennis, badminton, miniputt, shuffleboard, tetherball and horseshoes.

Several evening programs are designed for families by camper volunteers and camp staff. These include icebreakers, dances, folklore nights, millionaire’s nights, camper shows, progressive euchre, bridge and bingo tournaments, etc. Camp fire sing-songs are also common evening events.