First Aid Post/Medical Services

The camp is equipped with a First Aid Post which is open for 1 hour immediately after breakfast and dinner.  There is a doctor and/or nurse are in camp at all times.

Campers are expected to come to camp with a clean bill of health. If you would not use the services of a doctor at home, please refrain from doing so at camp.

The doctor and nurse are campers also, and are there for SERIOUS PROBLEMS only, such as emergencies and acute illness.  In case of emergency, arrangements have been made with the Pembroke General Hospital and the Hospital in Barry’s Bay, some 25 miles from camp. It would be wise to advise the doctor on arrival in camp if any member of the family has a special medical problem, i.e. heart condition, diabetes, etc.

It is recommended that campers bring their own first aid equipment such as band-aids, aspirin, Tylenol etc. Needed prescription medicines may be purchased locally in Eganville.

In compliance with Ontario Camps Association guidelines, personal lock boxes have been installed in each cabin. These are provided to secure your medicines and small personal items. Please remember to bring a SMALL combination lock or padlock with you to camp to lock up your belongings.