Cabins are equipped with bunk beds, closets, an overhead light and electrical outlets. Washrooms with flush toilets and showers are conveniently located for camper use. There is a laundry building with coin-operated washers and dryers. Two small buildings (pablum pits) are located on the grounds to provide refrigeration and heating facilities for babies’ bottles.

The Dining Hall


Our dining hall will accommodate all campers at one sitting and tables are served by the junior wait staff. There is also a recreation hall for special programs and rainy day activities. Two buildings are provided as quiet areas.

The Chalet


The chalet is a round log building with a big central fireplace. It is a great place for get- togethers for card games, quiet reading, knitting or just sit quietly by the fire.

The Hearth House


Every morning the hearth house is a beehive of activity with campers doing the various crafts. In the afternoon and evenings it provides a center for games, quiet reading as it also houses the library. It has a fireplace and a television for those wishing to catch up on sports or news events.

The Chapel in the Pines


On Sunday mornings right after breakfast, campers can join in a non-denominational service under the pines. One can listen to a choir of campers and song birds, hear a thought for the day and share a quiet moment before embarking on the busy activities of the week.