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A-Dock and Extreme Flooding on Golden Lake

Hello Red Pine Campers

You may have heard that the Bonnechere Watershed is experiencing extensive flooding this year. Water levels on Golden Lake are the highest they have been in 20 years and they have been affecting residents, cottagers, and Red Pine Camp as well.

In fact, the water is so high that — for the first time ever — the top wooden deck of A-Dock floated off the underlying support structure. We are fortunate to have great neighbours on Island View Drive who immediately notified us. Our Property Managers Rick and Tom managed to beach the deck in C-Pool and anchor it there.

In order to ensure the dock is ready to go when Camp opens on July long weekend, we are looking at every option to repair, re-float and/or replace the A-Dock deck: We are bringing in outside consultants and our insurance company is engaged too.

As we develop a plan to repair or replace the decking, please email us at rpc.adock@gmail.com if you have insight, ideas or contributions to make. This email address has been created so that the office can focus on daily operations and prepare for the 2017 season.

We will maintain a steady flow of communication with the RPC community and provide an update in a few days.


Paul Saker

Chair, Red Pine Camp Operating Committee