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2016 RPC LIT’s

Dear Red Piners, DO YOU have a camper going into the Leaders In Training (LIT) program this summer?

For this year’s Leader In Training (LIT) program, your son/daughter can fill out their placement request forms online! Your child simply fills out

the form by entering his or her name, the year of the LIT program she or he is entering (1,2,3), and selects the camp departments (Waitstaff, Junior Program, Waterfront, etc.) that he or she would like to have placements in this summer. ¬†Level one LIT’s (campers turning 13 by July 1st, 2016) will get one placement in their choice of Waterfront, Evening Program, or Junior Program.

Second and third year LIT’s will choose from every department like they did last year. This pre-selection will allow us to create more effective and¬†accommodating LIT schedules for the incoming LIT’s.

Yours truly,

Aubrey Cottreau – LIT Senior 2016